Sunday, September 5, 2010

The movie Alive in the news again

The Uruguayan rugby players whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains 38 years ago inspired the book and movie "Alive." On Saturday, four of them shared a message with the 33 miners who have been trapped underground in Chile for a month.

"Don't give up," former rugby player Moncho Sabella said. "You have a marvelous team working for you."

It was my amazing fortune to be chosen for the role of the mother of Nando Parrado in the movie "Alive." I spent 5 weeks in Canada on location, three weeks 14,000 feet up on a mountain, replicating the location of the plane crash. Four of the surviving rugby players were consultants on the movie. I'll never forget listening to their memories of the accident and how they were starving. They faced incredible adversity and finally decided to eat the bodies of the dead. They were in frigid temperatures at a high altitude for 72 days before two of the young men walked for 10 days to get help.

I am glad to hear they are reaching out and talking to the miners to give them some hope during their ordeal.
10/15/2010 How wonderful they all survived!

Nando's movie, "I Am Alive" is currently being shown on the History Channel. I spoke with him recently. He is in great demand as a professional speaker on Leadership, Crisis Management, and the power of love and the human spirit.


  1. I heard Nando speak at the National Speakers Association a year or so ago. He's become a great speaker!

  2. Nando is speaking at a major leadership conference in NYC this month. He has quite a story to tell about how the leadership changed on the mountain as the situation changed. The 33 yr old leader of the Chilean miners has to be incredible to have kept everyone sane. It will be fascinating to hear how he was able to remain the leader for the entire time. Jan